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post-T sexual sensation - Gender Queer Bodies-questions on hormones and surgeries [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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post-T sexual sensation [Aug. 18th, 2005|06:12 pm]


So, I took my 3rd T shot on Saturday, and I have some questions for other post-T guys about changes in sexual sensation.

So far the hormones love me in a sexual sense (and all the others). My cock has gotten to be about an inch long already, and it is pretty sensitive, which I know is normal and have heard may become less acute with time (so far the only issue with this has been irritation when I wear my packer all day). However, the last couple of days I have noticed that vaginal penetration feels different than it used to-- not bad, persay, just different. I still want it, and don't forsee that changing; however, I noticed this morning that angles that used to be failsafe for driving me wild weren't working as well. I was not lubricating nearly as much as I normally do (which I've also heard is common). Certain angles were slightly uncomfortable in a way I couldn't quite pinpoint. Everything still felt good, all around, just different. I don't know if all of this is related to the T or if it was just how things felt today.

My question, I think, is what have your experiences been in this arena, and did you find that, as I have heard with cock hypersensitivity, vaginal sensitivity settled down over time? Or were the sensation changes permanent? In any case, how did you who enjoy vaginal penetration handle this? Did it remain something you enjoy?

I don't think this necessarily means I won't enjoy it anymore. I'm just wondering if it means i'll have to find new ways to enjoy it (my first step toward this was to buy a bottle of lube today).

Any input will be most welcome. Thanks!


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