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Lights! Camera! Action! We need you help! - Gender Queer Bodies-questions on hormones and surgeries [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lights! Camera! Action! We need you help! [Aug. 26th, 2005|10:01 pm]



Lights!  Camera!  Action!

We Need Your Help!


TransGender Michigan will be presenting Transgender Monologues, a production showcasing the dramatic talent and REAL life experiences of transgender individuals and significant others, friends, families, and allies (SOFFAs).  Transgender Monologues will be held in honor of the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 19 at Good Beans Café in Flint.


What we need:

·        Creative stories about YOUR life experiences (can be funny, sad, heartening – the full range of human experience)

·        Performers to portray these submissions on stage! (Performing your own submission is welcome, but not required)


Send your story, five minutes or less, to:  Carrie Tune-Copeland at carrietunecopeland@comcast.net 

With your submission, please let us know if you are willing or able to perform your submission on November 19 in Flint, or whether you’d like someone else to perform it. 

Know that TransGender Michigan retains the right to edit submissions.


Individuals interested in performing submissions should also contact Carrie Tune-Copeland at carrietunecopeland@comcast.net. 


[More details to come as the situation progresses, but consider this your official call to arms!]